BLADE Show is heading out West to the “Knife Capital of the USA” Portland, Oregon! Explore seemingly-endless aisles of rare, unique and custom blades from across the globe, all from renowned knife makers. In addition to the hard-to-find blades, you’ll have the chance to stock up on one-of-a-kind finds, accessories and more. Plus, you can listen in on FREE demos that will be included in your ticket. 

BLADE Show West offers every type of blade you can imagine, from everyday carry and gear, to specialty hunting knives to intricately crafted collector’s pieces. 

Why Out West? 

After a lot of research our BLADE Show team has discovered that there are more Oregon knife companies, in the Portland area, than in any other state in the Union. It’s a thriving industry, with manufacturers employing thousands of workers alongside smaller outfits that employ only a few. Put it all together and you’ve got the knife capital of the USA!

Get your Tickets

Save on your BLADE Show West experience by purchasing your ticket online. You will save $5 on your 1-day and $10 on your 3-day.  Buy your tickets now!

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