BLADE Show West offers FREE demos from big-name makers, industry icons and custom bladesmiths during the show for all attendees. We are still in the process of finalizing our full list, but check out some of the demos we have confirmed that you can see at the show. Times and dates coming soon. 


  • “Knifemaking 101 Q&A”—ABS master smith Bruce Bump and bladesmith Mike Pierce will offer professional tips on how to get started making knives, including how to learn, classes to take, shop tips, tools to buy, the things to do and not do and more. 
  • “How To Make a Flowed-In Guard”—ABS master smith David Lisch will show you how it’s done on a Burr King grinder outfitted with a small wheel attachment.
  • “Custom Chef’s Knife Roundtable Discussion”—ABS master smith Bill Burke and Daniel O’Malley of Epicurean Edge will talk about one of the hottest genres of custom knives, including their hottest custom examples, how they’re made, how they’re used and who uses them—including professional chefs—and more
  • “Damacore: Damasteel’s Hot New Blade Laminate”—Per Jarbelius of Damasteel will outline the performance, strength and beauty of Damacore, Damasteel’s new laminated knife blade material with a center made of high nitrogen steel.
  • “How To Handle Your Knife”—David Tuthill of Fire Horse Forge will demonstrate, with the help of a Burr King grinder and his own equipment, how to attach a wooden handle to a knife.
  • “Nitro-V: The New Super Steel”—Peter Bruno and Dale Cucos of New Jersey Steel Baron will tell all about New Jersey Steel Baron’s Nitro-V, one of the latest blade steels being used by a growing number of custom knifemakers.