2019 Cutting Competition Winners

The first Chef’s Knife Cutting Competition took place on Saturday, Nov. 2, at the West Coast Pit After Party. The competition put cutting skills to the test with vegetable- and fruit-based challenges. Congratulations to champs Murray Carter (knifemaking division) and Kolter Livengood (chef division)!  THANK YOU TO OUR PRIZE SPONSORS BA Craftmade Aprons Fingal Ferguson Knives

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Balisong Competition Winners

The West Coast Flipping Championship 2019 was the first flipping tournament to be held at Blade Show West. The competition featured 32 flippers AND was hosted by Squid Industries.  Congratulations to the top 3 finishers in the West Coast Balisong Flipping Competition: 1) Mika Seibel2) Diego Fuentebella3) Jeffrey Durr  Thank you Squid Industries & event sponsors for…

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Andy Crowley SR

Competitor Name: Andy Crowley SRCategory: ChefName of Knife: Veggie NinjaCity: The DallesBio: I’m a knife maker from The Dalles OR and Andy is a Chef from the Portland area together we make an excellent blade team. Why Do You Wish to Participate? Fame and glory, and too see how well we can do.

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