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Visit Microtech Knives at Booth 306. Official Blade Show West Knife – Microtech® utilizes exclusively American-Made manufacturing, materials and labor. Every component we use is developed within the United States and more than 95% of all our components are manufactured in-house, by us directly. Because we use only the best quality materials, and to ensure…

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Bestech Knives is a manufacturer of high quality knives. Bestech was an OEM company making knives for others for over a decade. Bestech Knives burst onto the scene in 2017 with a compelling line-up of knives. Bestech Knives is the manufacturer and exporter of a budget friendly G-10/D2 line on ceramic bearings. Bestech also has a premium line…

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Squid Industries was founded in 2016 to create affordable, high quality balisong trainers that could be accessible to everyone around the world. Each and every one of our trainers are designed with flipping at its core. As balisong enthusiasts and flippers ourselves, we also carefully hand tune and assemble each and every trainer to ensure a smooth action…

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