2019 Chef’s Knife Cutting CHAMPIONSHIPS

"Watch knifemakers & chefs put their cutting skills to the test for top prize."

WHAT: The Chef’s Knife Cutting Competition for the 2019 BLADE Show West, Open to all BLADE Show West Attendees & Exhibitors

WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019 7:30 PM. The competition will happen during the West Coast Pit After Party)

WHERE: 100 SE Alder Street (0.8 of a mile from the Oregon Convention Center)

WHO: There will be 2 competitor categories:
Knifemaker Category
Chef Category

PRIZE: There are different prizes for each category. Please See Prizes Below.


Rules For The 2019 BLADE Show West Chef’s Knife Cutting Competition:

*BLADE Show West reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.

Special Note: The following rules are in effect for the 2019 BLADE Show West Chef’s Knife Cutting Competition. Any violation of them may disqualify the applicable knife and/or maker/cutting team. Any infraction by the awardee validated after the award presentation may result in the forfeiture of the award.

Special Note No. 2: All participants agree not to hold BLADE Show West liable for any injuries they or their agents may receive during the competition.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: To promote improvement in chef’s knife design.


  1. The competition will be a test of both the person or company who made and enters the knife and the person using it, which can be a) the maker entering the knife and a chef or other person of the maker’s choice using it or b) the maker both entering the knife and using it;
  2. The knife the person/company enters must be of the maker or company’s construction, excluding embellishments (engraving, scrimshaw, filework, etc.) and materials;
  3. The knife must be a chef’s knife, santoku, gyuto, etc., that is, anything that’s supposed to be and/or designed to be a chef’s knife. The show staff reserves the right to make the final determination of which knives fit that description and which ones don’t.
  4. Both factory and custom knives are eligible. It will be a come one, come all event, though exhibitors will get priority;
  5. The blade must be at least 7 inches long and 1.25 inches wide;
  6. The competition will be limited to 10 contestants. If over 10 enter, a lottery will be held to determine the final 10;
  7. By entering this competition, the maker or company confirms that the maker/company is aware of all the rules and qualifications and agrees to them all.


  1. If the user of the knife sheds any blood during the proceedings, the user and knife will be automatically disqualified;
  2. The cutting tests will consist of cutting assorted foods and at least one manmade material;
  3. In tests where the cuts must be the thinnest, most consistent, etc. each slice or cut must be fully intact. In other words, partial slices or cuts will be disqualified. To avoid the user fatigue that can cause accidents in such tests, the contestant will be limited to six attempts per test at cutting/slicing the medium.

WINNING KNIVES PHOTOGRAPHED FOR BLADE MAGAZINE: Makers or companies who win the awards are asked to take their winning knives to photographer Eric Eggly in his photo studio first thing Sunday morning. He will be located in meeting room D133 outside the main show entrance.  At no charge to the maker or company and as a service to BLADE Show West, Eric Eggly will photograph the knives for the special BLADE Show West recap story in BLADE® Magazine.

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Winners will be announced onsite Saturday evening at the conclusion of the event and will also be featured on all Blade Show and BLADE MAGAZINE social media outlets.  A custom designed award will be presented to the winner(s) as well.

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SharpByCoop Images, Makers: Mert Tansu, JCC Cutlery, Dmitriy Popov, Robert Williams
SharpByCoop Images, Makers: Mert Tansu, JCC Cutlery, Dmitriy Popov, Robert Williams
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