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Capt. Chris Stanaback- Knives/Sportsman Services

After 3 decades in the burglar and fire alarm industry, Capt. Chris started his own business venture, based around his true passions, hunting and fishing. He started his corporation, Sportsman’s Services in 1980, specializing in individual attention to the sportsman, offering guided fishing and hunting trips throughout the Southeastern United States, as well as The Bahamas and Caribbean. In 1983 Captain Chris Stanaback became an authorized Randall knife dealer. This portion of his business soon grew to far beyond expectations and has been his key focus for the past 3 decades! Through his tireless conviction and dedication, Captain Chris Stanaback became the largest authorized Randall knife dealer in the south! 6 years ago Capt. Chris founded the RKCC (Randall Knife Collectors Club) to see it flourish to nearly 1,000 members, to date! 15% of the membership in the RKCC are international, bringing the hobby and passion of knife collecting to an even greater worldwide market!


Les Robertson- Robertson’s Custom Cutlery/BLADE field editor

Les Robertson is the owner of Robertson’s Custom Cutlery. Read more about his accomplishments below. 

-Degrees and professional certifications: Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

-Books and articles, I have authored: Books; Custom Knife Buying Guide (Only book ever written on collecting custom knives).   Over 100 articles in Blade, Knives Illustrated and Knife Annuals.  Additionally, I have been interviewed for an additional 50 articles

-Publications in which my articles have appeared: Blade Magazine, Knives Illustrated, Knives 2015, 2016 and 2017, Tactical Knives and American Handgunner.

-Previous speaking engagements: For the past 27 years, I have conducted seminars for both custom knife makers and custom knife collectors in both the US and Canada. Subjects included; but not limited to, the business of custom knives, collecting custom knives, forged blades and tactical folders.

-Accomplishments; I have been a custom knife dealer for 31 years, the last 24 years full time. I have been a judge for the custom knife awards at over 30 shows, to include the Blade Show, Canadian Knifemakers Guild Show and the US Knife Makers Guild show.


Chris Amos- HEPK Master Smith/Blade Contributor

Chris made his first knife 23 years ago. At the time he didn’t know what he was doing but he knew he liked doing it.

“It was just scrap steel and wood, and all I had was a worn out hacksaw and some files, pretty standard beginnings.” After that first knife he was hooked and began a life long journey into the world of knives. It lead first to stock removal with Ken Largin, then to neo tribal forging with Tim Lively, on to the ABS school in Arkansas, and finally to Ed Fowlers High Endurance Performance Knife seminar in 2007 where Chris has been an instructor for the last 10 years. After earning his HEPK Master rating in 2013 he has taught several seminars at previous BLADE SHOWS and has authored numerous articles for Blade Magazine.”


Dellana- knifemaker

Dellana started making knives in 1994 under the mentorship of the late ABS Mastersmith Jim Schmidt.  He taught her to forge her own Damascus steel and make lockback folding knives.  She went full-time as a knife maker in 1995.  She is known for her art knives with her own distinctive style that incorporates her love of precious metals and gemstones that are deliberately incorporated to the overall design.  Function is equally important to Dellana and she strives to have the fit and finish and action of her knives be second to none.  All of her knives feature her own Damascus steel.

Her knives have won numerous awards at shows including Best Folder and Best in Show at the BLADE SHOW (1999) and BLADE HANDMADE KNIFE OF THE YEAR awards for that same year. 

She is a past voting member of The Knifemakers Guild (1997 – 2004), an Apprentice member of the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) (1994 – 2006) and was a voting member of the prestigious, bi-annual Art Knife Invitational show (AKI) from 1999 – 2015.  (She was the first female knife maker to be voted into that organization). 

Dellana’s knives have also appeared in numerous magazines and books worldwide, including BLADE Magazine and Knives Illustrated as well as European, Japanese and Chinese magazines.  Her work is featured in almost all of Dr. David Darom’s knife books.  In 2011, Dr. David Darom published the hardcover, coffee table book “The Art Knives of Van Barnet and Dellana”. 

In 2016, Dellana co-authored (with Dr. Larry Marton) the article “Gryzzlesnick” – the making of a Goblin folder.  The article was in the October and November, 2016 issues of BLADE magazine.

Dellana has taught “Designing Art Knives” at Jim Batson’s Tannehill Hammer-In in the 1990’s and the ABS Hammer-In in upstate NY in 2000.  She has also taught “Lockback Folding Knives” at the New England School of Metalwork in 2015 and 2017.


Professional Organizations:

Past voting member of Knifemakers Guild (1997 – 2004)

ABS member (1994 – 2006)

AKI (Art Knife Invitational) voting member 1999 – 2015  (First female knife maker voted into this prestigious show in 1999).


Gryzzlesnick (Goblin Folder):  BLADE Magazine   October & November 2016 issues.


2017:  Lockback Folding Knives  –  New England School of Metalwork

2000:    ABS Hammer-in in upstate NY:  “Designing Art Knives”

1990’s:  Tannehill Hammer-in:  “Designing Art Knives”


1999 – Best Folder & Best in Show  BLADE SHOW

          – BLADE Handmade Knife of the Year

Numerous awards ranging from Best in Show to Best Folder at shows like the BLADE Show and the East Coast Custom Knife Show (ECCKS) among others.

Featured in numerous Books, Accomplishments, Etc.:


1998 – Cover knife for KNIVES ANNUAL 
November 1999 – Cover knife for Blade Magazine

1995 – 2018:  Photos of her knives were featured in numerous knife magazines worldwide.  Including BLADE Magazine, Knives Illustrated, etc.

Dr. David Darom Books:

          – Dellana’s knives are featured in all but the last 1 or 2 of his books.

          – 2011: “The Art Knives of Van Barnett & Dellana” hardcover book by Dr. David Darom was published. 



Charles Gedraitis- custom knifemaker

Ever since Charles could remember he had a fascination with knives.

“My grandfather gave me my first pocketknife when I was 5, and it was that moment that did it. I started making knives by taking apart my mothers kitchen knives. My parents thought that there was something “wrong” with me because I had a fascination with sharp objects. That all changed when I took them to a local knife show and showed them a whole room of people interested in knives. I seriously began making knives when I was 16. I am now 42 years old and have been making knives for more than 25 years. For the past 17 years I have mainly concentrated on making folding knives including liner locks, slip-joints, automatics and balisongs.”